Stream To Any Device.

Play videos on a computer, tablet, or phone. No need to pass around massive video files or DVDs.

Highlight & Share Memories

Notes can be added by any family member and correspond to a timestamp in a video, making it easy to jump to their favorite memories.

Search & Enjoy

Got a wedding coming up and looking for some cute/awkward baby videos? The search capability shows you all relevant clips.

Feature Comparison

FamilyMemoryStream YouTube Google Drive
Stream videos to any device
Download videos legally
Share videos privately Videos can be unlisted but are still viewable by anyone with the link
Add notes or comments to videos
Search notes
Associate a timestamp with a note Very clunky
Download all notes in a single spreadsheet
Displays distracting cat videos alongside your family videos
Support model $5/mo or $55/year Shows ads and sells your data Annual subscription fee

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